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The Adventures of Reneeman and Bao Li Xue. [entries|friends|calendar]
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Voice Post [Monday, October 15th, 2007
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(no transcription available)
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[Sunday, October 14th, 2007
Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy, Sarah and Dem. @_@

Minna no Peace wasn't the ED for ep17 ep16. >.>;

Thus, I had every reason to complain. D|


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[Saturday, September 8th, 2007

These ones I got from Sven and Train (the Black Cat cosplayers we hung out with). Sven's pretty shitty with a camera, so they're all blurry, but that just means I get to make fun of them.

And that's an honor, sir.Collapse )

Yeah that's it.

Oh, right.

Sarah getting raped.

Everyone's favorite picture. |D

lol url fixed
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[Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Some people posted the pictures that they took during the con, so I searched and found the ones with me in them since I don't have any pictures of my own!


Our photoshoot will apparently be up on the website at one point; I'll post it when I find it! @_@
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[Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
ITT a survey and a quick one for you to fill out.Collapse )
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[Saturday, September 1st, 2007
lol you guys i'm so cool.

I just started and finished my entire cosplay yesterday. >.>;;;


Augh. Next year, I swear I'm not going to be retarded. >:

So anyway, Anime Vegas is going to be today~. I told my sister that the guy who did Cosmo, Timmy's Dad, and Jorgen Von Strangle is going to be there. |DDDDD And now we both want his autograph. xD;

OKAY. SO. I'm excited but worried at the same time. >: What if my sewing comes apart on the sleeves? i was really lazy on the sleeves What if the hair on my wig won't stay up? D| WHAT IF SOMEONE RUNS UP AND KICKS ME FOR TORTURING RABI!?!?

Wait, I know the answer to that last one. SOMEONE GON' DIE

Okay, so yes. >.>; I'm going as Rhode Camelot from D.Grenee-man. I ended up taking a shirt I already owned (lolita woo~) and sewing the way the sleeves were cut into the sleeves because I didn't want to ruin the shirt. >.>; I got strips of cloth from Wal-Mart and added the... thingy. On the front. The frilly thingy that I always forget does not go with cravats and then I go ahead and draw both anyway.


Then I got a wig and got hair all over my room last night cutting and styling it. Hair gel is hard! I'm so scared it'll start dropping. xD;;; Curse you and your spikes, Rhode...!

I'm using a skirt I already own, shoes I bought a long time ago (I polished them last night! and got shoe polish on my carpet), and socks I bought partly for this over the summer. The skirt isn't pleated like Rhode's, but when I roll it up shorter to make the socks show and make the skirt shorter in general it looks like it could be. xD;;;;

I hope I'll be able to bring a video camera this year, so that I can film it and maybe post it on YouTube for everyone to see~. Plus, it can take still pictures, too. |D

But yeah, I need to... rest. xD; It starts in three hours so I'll have time to get ready later. :o
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[Friday, August 31st, 2007
a. Post a list of 10 fandoms [anime/manga/video games].
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite character [or second favorite character, if I have one] and pairing from each one.
c. When guessed, bold the line, include the character name, and write a sentence about why you like that character/pairing.

My pairings are too strange. Most of them would never be guessed. 8|Collapse )
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Voice Post [Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
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(no transcription available)
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[Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
Okay, I've decided! When my paid account runs out (the same day my 105 icons do... *cry*) I'm going to move this journal! It's been around way too long... >.>;;; It's got... some really embarassing stuff, actually. I think so, anyway. Then again, I'm always embarassed when I look back at things I wrote or did when I was younger....

Date created: 2004-06-02 21:20:06

WOAH! That really is old...

But yeah, I really hate this name. xD; I need to think of... something...

Before that, let's talk about the start of a new school year, shall we? >.>;;;;

Okay~, so I started as a high school junior on Monday. ._.; I feel pretty good right now: I don't have that guiltily arrogant feeling when I think about underclassmen, probably because it's really not as big a deal (I had just jumped up to upperclassman status last year, after all... I think it's pretty understandable!) The first day was kind of hectic~. Well, the classes were so short, that's why it felt that way. Also, we have a new lunch system this year in which... all 1500+ students have the same lunch at the same time. O_O

There was so much pushing in the cafeteria that we went in, found our friends, and held hands in a line out. xD Though that was also partly due to silliness on our part...

Something really important happened on this day, though. Homeroom was homeroom, forgettable yet existant. Then first period: Japanese III H with Vergara-sensei~. It's such a small class, which I like, because it feels a lot more "intimate" or something like that. >.>; I only saw two unfamiliar faces. The first one came up to me on my way through the door...

"Are you Renee?"

Wow, my eyes went wide. I was kind of scared, because at that point I was like, "Wow, should I actually know you? Oh god, did I forget about someone!?!" But in response to my awkward confirmation, he says, "Oh! I'm Alex!" So I stare at this really tall, blonde, fohawk'd guy with eyes that are like giant freaking..... pizzas at this point. (I've been comparing things to pizza lately?) Because at that point, it kind of hit me. Really hard.

"Alex......... Salyer?"

Oh my god. I swear to god I was about to start crying right there. I think I said that, too... He was like, "You're going to make me start crying! >.>;;" I was so, so happy all during that class period. We caught up a bit at the start and end of class~.

Oh, uh, this is probably some pertinent info: Alex Salyer was once my best, best friend. I met him in earth science, seventh grade--my goth phase (to have a person around with such embarassing knowledge of me.... >.>; a little disconcerting, even though I admit to having once been a "goth"-sort of person readily if anyone cares anyway.). We started talking at the very start of the year. One of the first things we did in that class were puzzles, and I had ended up with a Card Captor Sakura one (...I still find that strange.). He recognized it (with the addition of "Sakura" to the title, to my delight~) and we talked about haha retarded anime (...we didn't think it was retarded >.>;;;; I'm adding this just now.) and we ended up becoming amazing friends. I went over to his house all of the time, and he brought a lot of interesting firsts into my life. We played FFIX (and I fell in love; the first time I played it at my own house, I was on the phone with him), we went ice-blocking (you get gigantic blocks of ice, sit on them, and slide down grassy hills and stuff. I lost a favorite ring of mine, but it was for the sake of fun! x_x;), and we bonded over something that now more reminds me of Catherine: SBEMAIL. Haha, Homestarrunner. I still remember running down the streets singing Trogdor when it was still relatively new... >.>;

But... yeah. Seventh grade ended, we didn't see each other over the summer, and eighth grade came around. I only saw him in the mornings before school started, and we drifted apart a bit... i was obsessed with sarah by this point Eighth grade was an all-around depressing time for me (what timing! depressed when I move on from the goth phase...). >.>;

But yeah, so high school came along, I became so amazingly happy, and NOW THIS HAPPENS. |D

Yeah, so~. On to more about school... Vergara-sensei's class seems very satisfying to me. |D She speaks almost entirely in Japanese, being a 日本人
originally, so I feel really good both about being able to understand her direction and the fact that Fucking Damien sits in the back of the class quietly moaning about how he has no idea what's going on. Serves you right, wife-beater♥. Who only majors in this major for the sake of going to this school. Which I don't understand, because if you're going to not be here for any real reason and whine about sports and shit, do it at a school that has them!

So~, Vergara-sensei's class ended, and my block is seperated on my schedule this year for some reason, so I leave the class~, and walk with Alex/help him find his way around and stuff.

He went to Centennial HS for the last two years (our zoned school), but apparently it was hell for him. He took Japanese there, so he is able to enter school here at level three, but it seems kind of hard on him because he didn't have our exact curriculum... >: (Although, he went to Japan and stayed with a host family over the summer!) He is an art major (I still have stuff he drew for me way back when lying around my room! Haha~) apparently, but I haven't gotten to see any of his art yet... Japanese is the only class I have with him, but thanks to the lengthened and gigantic lunch, I still get to see him every day for at least an hour and a half~!

Biggest surprise: turns out he's gay. O_O I was so surprised when he mentioned this (not randomly like "BTW GUYS I LIEK PENIS LOL" but we were talking about how O'Day moved to Atech and he was like "D| Gaaaaaytech" and then added a disclaimer about how he doesn't mean to offend anyone becaaauuuuse) because... he was the biggest homophobe I knew. xDD I pointed this out to him, and he said something vague about "because of my stupid dad" and "I really hated myself" which, taking into account... makes a lot of sense to me. I don't know why, but it's kind of... like an Arina Tanemura series. (Something entirely unlikely happens and at first you're like, "WHAT THAT'S BULLSHIT" but then you think back to some things that happened before and you think, "Oh, that actually does fit...")

Yeah so~. I'm... really, really happy about getting to hang out with him again. ._.; We got paired up for an interview assignment today and we got to re-bond over memories and what I remembered about him and bond over our new personalities (four years seems like a short time, but people can really grow a lot in just that time!)


On this entirely elated note, I went to my second period~. Chemistry II H. Being in there made me feel like a gigantic dork, but dorkiness seems to be my favorite thing now, so I was happy. |D And, in this class, horror upon all horrors, is Gavin. >.>; I thought I escaped this guy when I saw that I didn't have Japanese with him... but no such luck. And then Damien comes in, and I swear I want to kill myself over having this class for a whole year right then and there. My saving graces came within the forms of Xueting (I haven't had any classes with her before, and I just last year got to know her a little, so I hope I'll be able to know her more this year~) and Chandler (who I have a sort of awkard we-don't-talk-when-I'm-not-shy-for-some-reason relationship with. I'm loud in classes like Japanese where I know a lot of people or I feel close to the teacher, and we don't talk except in classes where I hardly say a word otherwise. So I'm always in an awkward state when talking to him... thus I get unnecessarily intimidated by an all-around friendly guy >.>;). But, uh, that's it. There are a few other familiar faces, but not really any other people I know, yanno?

So, much more mellow at this point, I headed off to third period~... which didn't have a room number on it. It was Student Aide... Turns out, Ms. Gonzalez the Spanish teacher is no longer even at this school. Ms. Gonzalez the school counselor was waiting in the library for this year's student aides that didn't fill out their teacher request forms to choose from a list of teachers that requested aides... Uh, I didn't find her for a while. >.>; Started at the dean, who told me to go to the counselor's, who told me to go to the library. Goes to show how much the deans know wtf is going on.

Anyway, I asked for Ms. Kelly. But... third period ended up being one of her prep periods. She can't have a student aide with no class going on... So I asked for Ms. White, my English teacher last year. She seemed like the kind of person that would be more intimidating while you're in her class, more friendly while you're out of it (like, she told me she liked my outfit once when we passed in the hall last year o-o;). Turns out she already had two aides! So I settled for Ms. Michelin, the health teacher. This actually seemed pretty promising, because I would be guaranteed a class of freshmen, who, in Ms. Johnston's words, are really just tall sixth graders, but I don't mind them so much anymore. |D They seemed like a pretty good class, which is good. Then again, they're new to everything, so maybe they're just quiet and... biding their time... >.>;;; Shiiiit, I'm done for...

I wish one of the Japanese teachers wanted an aide, though. ioi lol i love my major so much

But Ms. Michelin really is a nice lady, so I'm glad I have her. She was so thankful to have me as an aide, too, which made me feel kind of good but bad for her being my third or technically sixth choice at the same time~...

So, that's over, off to fourth period! Algebra III H. I have a good and bad feeling about this class already. The bad feeling comes from a bad history with bad math classes and even worse classmates. And not exactly up-to-par teachers. But I've only heard good things about Ms. Parlak whose accent is absolutely entrancing... *o* aaaaaaand she seems pretty strict, which actually makes me really happy because there was a group of loud boys in the corner of the room that... unnerve me. Because I don't want them to turn math class into what it was these last two years for me: a zoo. A terrible, terrible zoo full of wild animals when I'm the lone, silent domesticated house cat who is dragged along and punished for what the rest of the class does. And simultaneously annoyed. That's not even that much of a stretch of a metaphor, actually: there really were people constantly running around the room. Running. Both years, AP testers had to come up to tell us to stop stomping and screaming so they could fucking test.

I'm scared. ._. and gavin's in this class ugh

But yes, on to fifth period. ...Oh, I'm not supposed to go to fifth period. >.>; Sorry, Ms. Johnston...

I headed off to lunch a little late, which made me feel guilty because I told Alex to meet me. We were able to meet up, though, and then we found Melissana, Catherine, Anh, Quinne, and Fate. We went down to the field to eat our lunch--I ate both Alex's and my pineapples. |D Mm. Pineapple.

I'm kind of anxious to transition Alex into my little group of friends. ._.; Because I really think that they'll be able to get along; Alex really was such a sweetie (he still is, actually~) but so, so silly at the same time. He's the reason I say "good luck" to anyone who announces their bathroom visits. |D

BUT YEAH lunch was great, but we were in the grass and my butt ended up wet. >.>; (Alex was like "Everyone's going to look at me like 'hey, the new kid shit his pants!'")

BACK TO FIFTH PERIOD. I was late. Field to Frasier in six minutes does not look good. Worse, Johnston is CRAZY in her hatred of tardies. ioi I hope I get used to it quickly, because she says starting next class (Thursday) she's really cracking down and stuff. >: Maybe I should just.... walk. really. fast?


Uhhh, yeah, back to the actual class, I already like her teaching style. Plus she's slightly sarcastic and jaded in a good way. |D We already have a writing assignment~. But I'm pretty confident about it, unlike Medcalf's assignments which were HELL on me and made me literally break into frantic tears because I was so nervous about them... and I still did shitty on those...

Back to NOW.

Sixth period! Back to Vergara-sensei! Bigger class, Gavin and Demien are both in it... Ugh. And Alex isn't even in it because he's not a major. ioi Of course, it can't be all that bad, it's a Japanese class... Japanese lit this year. wtf. So much lit.

Seventh period~. My end of day classes are PROMISING THIS YEAR. No more going to the bus on a miserable note. US HISTORYYYYYY. YEAAAAAHHHHHHHH. I'm already having such a good time in this class--I'm comfortable around Ms. Kelly, plus both David and Anh sit near me~. Dawnie's in the class, too. |D So I ended up pretty loud in this class...

Eighth period, and I kind of want to be loud because there are seriously like five people who aren't Japanese majors. It's like another Japanese class. O_O; SAMURAI-SENPAI IS HERE. I swear to god, this class has everyone + mom. In Kristina's words. xD
everyone with a mom up. |D In my words.

Pretty crazy, if you ask me... I'm being INCREDIBLY neurotic this year about getting everything from Edline, and if something's not there I FREAK OUT. Oh god.

But yeah... I... guess I ran out of things to say. I got awfully distracted. xD;; And I had this crazy inspiration thing going today...
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[Saturday, August 25th, 2007




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[Friday, August 24th, 2007
Tagged by both fatespectrum and sinatra_1742!

- Pick your birth month.
- Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you.
- Bold the five-ten that best apply to you.
- Copy to your own journal, with all twelve months under a lj-cut.
- Tag 12 people from your friends list.

Read more...Collapse )

Pretty sure I've done this before! But s'all good. I'm sure the answers must have changed by now! I've changed a lot as a person in such a short time. :o I wonder when I'll stop.

And wow, only striked out a few things!? And sexy? You bet I am. |D
Home decors. Who do you think I am, John Mandrake? >: My sister's the aspiring interior decorator.

Rereading Ptolemy's Gate finally. >.>; Goddammit, Bartimaeus!
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[Friday, August 24th, 2007

Okay. First of all, my summer reading assignment was not, in fact, The Scarlet Letter. It was The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Because I failed to notice the "H" at the end of "American Literature".


Now I need to memorize the plot of an entirely different story. >: And I had just gotten down the last one, too.


Period 4 - Algebra II H (Parlak)
Period 5 - American Literature H (Johnston)
Period 7 - US History (Kelly)
Period 8 - International Cultures (Nordstrom)

Unknown periods:
Japanese III H (Vergara-sensei)
Student Aide (which means I lost World Affairs. :/ DAMN I DON'T KNOW WHO I HAVE please don't have an asshole please please please) (Gonzalez)
Japanese Theme Group III H (Vergara-sensei)

The only reason I didn't take honors US History was in the wild hopes that I would once again get Ms. Kelly. AND I DID. YES. ONLY SHE COULD MAKE THE HISTORY OF THE MOST BORING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WONDERFUL.

And also, damn, Coates. But still. Yay, Chemistry. |D

AND YEAH I GOT ONE OF THE EUROPEAN MATH TEACHERS HAHA. D| Isn't she the one with the scary laugh?

...Oh. Oh god. I'm student aide... to Ms. Gonzalez.
...That's.... not good. Actually, that kind of sucks a lot. Spanish majors as a whole apparently hate Japanese majors for little to no real reason. I wonder if I can get that changed, since it wasn't my first choice. >: But to what? Maybe I can just request a different teacher...

And aww, Vergara-sensei. |D
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[Sunday, August 19th, 2007
MAXIMUM THE HORMONE songs mostly for kuroshin, but anyone's welcome to download, of course! :x

Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
(That title just makes me think of Zappa...)
Machine Gun Kuso Bugi
Lost Crap Your Life
Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nururu Rero Rero
You Can't Escape

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Regarde-moi dans ce tourbillon; Écoute-moi dans ce tourbillon~ [Thursday, August 16th, 2007
...Haha. Remember this meme from way back when?

Well, I'm finally doing what I promised! :x

Answers and music downloads under cut!Collapse )

Now, that wasn't so hard, was it♥?

Tell me if any of the links are wrong or something. Or any other problems you have. ....As long as they relate to this entry, I don't care about your personal life. >| just kidding go ahead and tell me

...In other news, wtf at my sister.
A long time ago, she gave me this little shelf because she wasn't using it. Since then, I've used it for underwear, socks, scarves, hats, etc. It's really convenient.

She just came up to me and asked for it back.
"I'm... using it."
"Well, I need it!"
"I've got. stuff. in there."
"Well, put it in your other drawer!"
"It doesn't fit."
"............I'm... using it."

So she throws a tantrum and runs off. Comes back, and, of course.

"Get off the computer. I want to use it."
"I'm busy, hang on."
"YOU'VE BEEN ON ALL DAY." It's noon, I woke up at 10. "YOU'VE BEEN ON ALL WEEK."
"Like I said, I'm doing something. Just wait."

And, uh, I know the only reason she wants on is a. to spite me by making me get off, and b. to complain to her friends on mysp how she can't always get what she wants.


Admittedly, I really do delight in pissing her off. The best part is, I don't even have to try. All I have to do is have common sense. |D

I'm kind of worried she's going to storm into my room, throw all my shit out of that shelf and onto the floor, and take it back. She's done crap like that before. :/

Oh, and Orange Lounge is adorable. ADORABLE. I love this song.
Orange Lounge | Potpourri d'Marmalade

...Between them and Yum!Yum!ORANGE, just how many bands are there with orange obsessions?
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[Thursday, August 16th, 2007
holy fuck.

...no, i guess there's nothing else to say besides that.

holy fuck.

Um, I think everyone should pass this on, as well, because... that way the news will spread. And, um, yes. I can't really think right now, haha. >.>;

love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no~...
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[Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

nyaabo picked six interests for me to explain! If you want, I'll pick six of yours, too! |D

blah tofu
A creation of Aiyana's! It's basically a series of drawings of a tofu cube vomiting. xD But.. they're so cute.

D| Way back when.... Earthbound for SNES! Play it! Anyway, it's a religion revolving around the color blue. SPREAD THE HAPPY-HAPPY. BLUE. BLUE. EVERYTHING BLUE.

It solves almost all of the worlds problem's, srsly. Eat the idiots, solve world hunger and overpopulation. Apparently, I'm not the only one that has thought of this. Um, not into vore, though. Just people getting EATEN.

the jellyfish pirates
That's the name of the pirate crew in Guilty Gear. :| JOHNNYYYYYYYYY

....I like umbrellas? Haha. |D; Umbrellas are just. cute. somehow.

izumi's hat
Izumi's hat (I'm talking about Full Moon wo Sagashite here) is just BITCHIN'. I made one. But... I can't find it. ioi THEY'RE EASY TO MAKE. Get a black beanie and sew a black sock on each side. HAHA. So awsm.
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[Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
School meme? This is funny. Haha, kindergarten me.Collapse )

blablabla I could talk about eighth grade for forever. I was so detached from school. :| THANKS LVA. YOU BASICALLY SAVED MY LIFE. xD
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[Sunday, August 12th, 2007
List all the characters you play in various RP associations, and those who reply may ask whatever questions they wish of the listed character(s). Replies will be in-character to those who reply.

Only listing for Eway and Wys, if there's another one you want to question, just specify. :x

Martel Yggdrasil forharmony
Ema Skye scientificterms
Grune easygoingbabe
Denzel inhiscase
Rhode Camelot thesweetestkill

Ema Skye missingscience
Chomesuke needsmoarcho
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[Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
Holy crap, I went from dreading to off-hiatus at Island straight to loving it again.

Number one, this event wins, even if none of my characters are participating~.
Number two, Jasdebi are still SO FUCKING CRAZY THAT IT'S CUTE AUGH CAPS. JASDEBI. lol D| "SOME PERVERT'S TRYING TO MARRY DAVID! I'LL KILL YOU!" omg jasdebi forever i_i
Number three, uh, why do I find the nonexistant Gintoki-sanxChii-ness cute?
Lastly, Heine there still wins.

D| AUGH ISLAND. I never expected so much from yoouuu.

Speaking of, Eway is supposed to have plot magic, right? xD I can't wait. i_i AND NEITHER CAN RHODE, OHOHO.

On not so much of an rp note, I had ENDLESS amounts of art Nachi-esque INSPIRATION last night, but I was trying to sleep and couldn't try to draw them. I'm kind of scared that I'm not good enough to be able to, though, because they're such awsm ideas omg D|

I had a short 4koma no-word OR japanese-scripted (yes sometimes i randomly think in japanese it's weird shut up D|) comic about Jeff and Tony. omg Jeff and Tony HAHA D| It's almost like I forgot about those two kids. ANYWAY IT WAS ADORABLE. And shoujo-bubble worthy. Not that I'd ever wish shoujo-bubbles upon someone.

And then a MILLION JASDEBI ONES. Th-they are so cute. i_i omg JASDERO. D| ADORABLE ANGLER FISH. iludero. god i hope they're alive they didn't get enough screentime before their magic badass fight


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[Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
I'd edit but I'm not logged in.

lol back me up i'm still pissed off about this for no good reason

Incidentally, I don't know if I even spelled it's name right. Wow, I'd look pretty retarded then, wouldn't I?

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